How Does Instruction Occur in a Digital Classroom?

How does instruction occur in a digital classroom?
A typical sequence looks like this:

a) Instructor show an example of a finished piece of work that employs techniques we will learn

b) then instructor demonstrate from start to finish how to create the work, identifying the techniques as I work

c) then we create the work step-by-step together as a class

d) then students are asked to repeat the steps on your own while instructor walk around and answer questions. students will be asked to drop their work in the designated area on the student shared computer drive.

e) Then class reconvenes as a group and instructor discusses some of the questions / issues that were raised and ask to see if there are additional questions, ideas or comments.

f) Instructor may show examples of work that illustrate an issue or show an especially creative approach to the assignment.

Frequently, students are encouraged to show their work to your neighbor and get their feedback and questions.

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