Business Web Graphics

8:15 – 10:30 AM

JANUARY 20 – MAY 26, 2017
Course Number: 46890
Subject Code: COMP
Course Code: 9935

WHEN: This 45 hour class meets once /week on Friday mornings for 18 weeks.

WHAT: Through hands­‐on instruction using a project-­oriented approach, students will learn how to create a website using Adobe DreamWeaver. Students will learn how to create and edit web graphics and digital photographs using Adobe Photoshop. We will learn how to make animations with Adobe Animate.

Topics will include:


  • Set up a new project in Fireworks
  • Create banner & interactive navigation buttons
  • Create a Master Page
  • Add text and images
  • Add YouTube video


  • Opening digital photos in Photoshop
  • Select pixels using Selection tools
  • Copy & paste pixels to new document
  • Working with layers
  • Optimizing image for web


  • Using the Drawing tools / Creating graphic objects in Adobe Animate
  • Importing photos, Working with the Library
  • Frame by frame animation
  • Graphics symbols, Movie clip symbols
  • Motion Tweening
  • Exporting to SWF

WHERE: Downtown campus, 4th & Mission, one block south of Powell BART, room 516

HOW: Pre-register now so that you can be assured a seat! Go to Admissions on the first floor of the Downtown campus at 4th & Mission (one block south of Powell BART).

If the class is full, come the first day and I can register you in class.

QUESTIONS: Email me at