DreamWeaver iconDREAMWEAVER
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
JANUARY 20 – MAY 26, 2017
Course Number: 46887
Subject Code: COMP
Course Code: 9919

In this 45 hour course, students will learn how to create a personal or business website using Adobe’s DreamWeaver. We will explore the core aspects of new site creation, editing, and maintenance. This includes learning how to read and work with HTML and CSS, creating a site plan and directory structure before coding the site and studying existing websites to understand how they work.

We will learn how to incorporate text, graphics, photographs, audio, video, animation and Javascript in the site as well as use tables to control layout. The instructor will also discuss how to get a free web hosting account, how to register a domain name, and how to upload web files to a web server.

WHERE: Downtown campus, 4th & Mission, one block south of Powell BART, room 516

HOW: Pre-register now so that you can be assured a seat! Go to Admissions on the first floor of the Downtown campus at 4th & Mission (one block south of Powell BART).

If the class is full, come the first day and I can register you in class.

WHO: The classes listed on this site are taught by City College instructor Marilyn McNeal.

CONTACT: Questions? Email me at ccsfwebmail@gmail.com

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