First Day of Class

Seating if the Class is Crowded

On the first day of class, priority seating will go to pre-registered students, new students and repeat students in that order. That means that pre-registered students will enter the classroom first, then unregistered new students, then repeat students.

Don’t worry if you don’t get to sit at a computer on the first day. The first day is sometimes a little chaotic because we are all just getting settled and I have to handle enrollment and registration matters first and foremost. Then I go through the syllabus and general rules and guidelines for the class. The whole thing takes about a half an hour and requires patience and cooperation from all sides.

There is always student attrition as people’s schedules change and as people sample classes and teachers. In my experience, after a few classes, the student population becomes steady and everyone usually has a computer to sit at.

On the second day, all registered students will enter the classroom first and new unregistered students will enter second. Don’t get too attached to sitting at a particular seat. There is no assigned seating. It’s first come first served. Students with special needs do get priority seating but that is after they go through the appropriate channels, which is scheduling a meeting with DSPS and getting an assessment of needs.

Laptop Use

Some people like to bring their laptops and that’s certainly ok. You can sign up for a wifi account and will then have internet access. You will not be able to access files on the networked M drive where I store digital files. I can manually hand these files off to you or you can email them to yourself after class.

Using A MAC Laptop

If you bring a MAC laptop, I will assist you in the same way as I assist students on the classroom PCs but I may have to limit MAC specific questions as my priority is to students working on the platform we provide, which is a Windows PC environment.