Google Apps II



6:00- 8:00 PM

MARCH 16 – MAY 23, 2017
Course Number: 46503
Subject Code: COMP
Course Code: 9968

WHEN: This 45 hour class meets twice /week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for 9 weeks.

WHAT: Google Apps for Business  II is a hands-on lecture and lab course that introduces students to free web-based word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and webpage development tools. Students will create, edit and upload / download web documents while collaborating in real time with other students.

This course continues an in depth look at fundamental concepts and skills relating to basic computer hardware, the Windows 8 operating system and web browser software.

Students will learn strategies for initiating effective searches of web based resources (documents, pages, images, media) using Google’s search website and it’s search tools within each of its apps.

Students learn

  • Computer Essentials Overview: Hardware, Windows & Browser Review
  • Core Web Research Skills
  • Google Drive: Sharing, Collaborative Workflow
  • Google  Apps: Docs, Sheets, Presentations

WHERE: Downtown campus, 4th & Mission, one block south of Powell BART,  room 516

HOW: Pre-register now so that you can be assured a seat! Go to Admissions on the first floor of the Downtown campus at 4th & Mission (one block south of Powell BART).

If the class is full, come the first day and I can register you in class.

Questions? Email me at

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