What Will I Learn

Free computer classes @ CCSF San Francisco

  • learn how to set up & use Google Drive, your free, powerful virtual office
  • create & publish a website using HTML, CSS & industry-standard professional software [DreamWeaver]
  • create a calendar you can use & share with others [Google Calendar]
  • make an email-based form that allows you to gather and track information [Google Forms]
  • make business cards using a free web template [Google Drive]
  • retouch / restore old family photos [Photoshop]
  • add a photo gallery to your website [CSS]
  • Use Google Drive to create a resume using an online template
  • create a word document that multiple people can edit in real time [Google Docs]
  • create a dynamic slide presentation for your business idea, product or service [Google Slides]
  • track your business expenses using an online spreadsheet [Google Sheets]
  • make a print or web ad for your business or project [Photoshop, Flash (Adobe Animate) or Fireworks]
  • adjust the lighting on your profile photo [Photoshop]
  • put an ad on Craigslist using HTML code
  • create a filter for incoming email [Gmail]
  • embed video in your webpage or presentation to make your project or service more competitive [DreamWeaver, Google Slides]
  • learn how to research employment opportunities, news items, trends, and images using Google web search
  • learn how to develop & communicate your brand or business message [Flash / Adobe Animate]