Photoshop Elements

8:00–10:15 am
August 16 – October 13, 2016
Course Number: 82621
Subject Code: COMP
Course Code: 9959


8:00–10:15 am
October 17 – December 14, 2016
Course Number: 82622
Subject Code: COMP
Course Code: 9959

WHAT: In this 45 hour course students learn how to use selection tools, layers, type, patterns and shape tools while creating and editing digital photographs and original graphics.

We will learn how to adjust color and lighting in photographs and how to do basic photograph retouching.  Optimizing images for web export will also be covered as well as re-sampling methods for printing. The Full Edit, Quick and Guided modes of the interface are discussed with the emphasis on the Full Edit mode.

Free Photoshop Class -

WHERE: Downtown campus, 4th & Mission, one block south of Powell BART, room 516

CONTACT: Questions? Email me at

FREE Photoshop II Class at CCSF

ABOUT PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS: This class uses Photoshop Elements 13. For a comparison of products in the Photoshop family, please click here.

Adobe has made the same commitment to professional quality results but their emphasis is on the average user vs. a media professional who may need more granular control. The main difference is that tools and panels are operated using knobs, sliders and text boxes, i.e. the process of making the edits is easier. The software typically costs around $70.

What you learn in Photoshop Elements can be easily applied to other versions of Photoshop as the main editing area looks and functions in the same way.

HOW: Enroll as a CCSF student then pre-register now so that you can be assured a seat! Or go to Admissions on the first floor of the Downtown campus at 4th & Mission (one block south of Powell BART).

If you are told that the class is full, come to the first class and the instructor will register you in class. Please bring your student ID number

CONTACT: Questions? Email me at


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