What To Expect

Marilyn McNeal's students watching presentation

The goal of City College’s Business Department is that you take the skills and information you learn in our tuition free, non-credit classes and apply it to your efforts to become:

  • meaningfully employed
  • self employed
  • employed at a better paying job
  • to become an employer.

In each of my classes, I am going to ask you to identify and describe a business, job or project that you are working on.

My goal is to support you in finding ways to constantly apply what you learn in class to an endeavor that will support your larger employment, financial and creative goals.

Please come to these classes prepared and motivated to take full advantage of the information provided. While I provide structure, guidance and feedback for you, it is your responsibility to bring your “A game” meaning an open mind, willingness to explore, willingness to fail, willingness to try again.